Private Wealth

"Relax. Years Ahead™"

Our Vision

To inspire your true wealth, beyond the money…


What We Believe

We believe that by sharing a look into your future, you can immediately begin making choices you never considered possible.

Who Are We

The World’s Foremost Wealth Advisor

Who We Serve

Our core clientele are physicians, executives and business owners.

What We Do

We systematically add more WorkOptional day’s to our clients lives.


What we VALUE at WorkOptional

– Trust –

Without trust, there is no relationship. Trust is not a one-way street. Trust involves risk on the one hand and trustworthiness on the other. We trust our research, our discipline and our long-term results. Our brand has always stood for the truth in investing.

– Shared Accountability –

We provide the best, unbiased and fully transparent advice to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and their families. This is a partnership where we lock arms with our clients, making decisions to inspire their vision and achieve their goals. We share in the excitement of success just as we share in the accountability of actions.

– Results –

Our success is defined by the results we deliver for our clients. We have intensely focused on the development of our comprehensive value proposition by listening to our clients, understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.